Product range and manufacturing capability
DB Electricals manufacture Power Control Centers up to 6300A rating, suitable for operating on 3 phase, 4 wire, 433V, AC systems. Our PCCs conforms to IS 8623 with a short circuit withstanding capacity of 75 kA for 1 sec. We also provide a high degree of protection such as IP: 53, IP: 65 for the enclosures. The switchboards are offered in the fixed and semi draw-out type configuration with Single Front / Double Front design. There's an intense process focus across our manufacturing facilities. Consider the meticulous care that goes into our Panel Fabrication process.

While 14 SWG CRCA sheet steel goes into fabricating the panel body, the doors are fabricated with 16 SWG CRCA. Proper supports are ensured – whether it is busbar support, or strips to securely fasten the cables, or the strong conical support to ensure that the cable load doesn't get on the MCCB or other switchgear. To enable better cooling of the panels, partitions of perforated 16SWG sheets are provided between vertical sections wherever possible. And finally, expert technicians review the entire fabricated part when it's completed.

At DB Electricals, we believe the process quality we have followed right through will reflect in the results of the Final Testing. Prior to despatch, the panel's inspection includes a physical check, an Insulation Resistance test with 1000V Megger, and a HV test at 2kV for 1 minute using (0 to 5kV) HIPOT. We have an extensive range of equipment and tools in-house to ensure speed, control over timelines and implementation of quality standards.

They include :

• Turrent Punch Vipro 255, Amada Make (CNC)
• Press Brake RG-80, Amada Make
• Hydraulic Shearing Machine
• Hydraulic Bending Machine
• CO2 Wielding Machine, Lorch Make
• ARC Wielding Machine

• Shearing, Punching & Bending Machine, Namsung Make
• Hydraulic Bus bar bending machine
• Hydraulic Cable jointing tool up to 400 mm2
• Panel label engraving machine
• Hylem Cutting machine (electrical)

Testing equipments :

• Current injection test kit
• Clip on multi meter
• CT polarity tester
• Insulation tester

• Phase sequence meter
• High volt tester up to 5 kV
• Coating thickness gauge
• Scratch tester

Thermal Testing with advanced IR-Visual Imager
With every image capture, the Fluke Ti125 infrared thermal imager instantly saves a blended infrared and visual image so that our customers get a complete picture and can compare the readings of different dates. This saves them time and money.

Price advantage
Our experience of over two decades helps us in an in-depth grasp of a customer's need. Our hi-tech manufacturing strategies incorporate cost-saving, which when coupled with the special tax benefits of our factory locations in Goa, passes on significant savings to our esteemed customers.

The very nature of our products is such that a rigorous health and safety policy is mandated for adherence at every step – manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance. Only qualified and authorized personnel are engaged to ensure safety, efficiency and to maximise uptime. Whenever possible, all circuits or equipment are de-energized before beginning the commissioning/installation/upgradation/inspection/maintenance work.

Our panels are type test approved as per CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CPRI) standards for:
• Short circuit strength withstand test of 75kA, 6300A
• Temperature rise test up to 4000A
• Ingress protection test for both indoor and outdoor type panel (IP-53, IP-65)

We have installed safety equipment such as ELMCB to prevent any mishaps due to electricity. It is also mandatory for each member of the work force to follow:
• Appropriate design
• Proper fabrication process
• Standard installation process
• Certified documentation techniques
• Effective operational and maintenance procedures
• Adequate electrical equipment calibrated by nationally recognized testing laboratory
• Useful personal protective equipment during the execution

In case of any pre-identified hazards our workers report to their seniors who in turn do the following:
• Anticipate potential electrical problems and hazards
• Do not rush to finish a job, never bypass approved procedures
• Plan and analyze for safety during each step of any electrical work
• Keep accurate records (e.g. Panel drawings and other documents)
• Have significant safety-related work
• Use properly rated test equipment & verify its condition and operation before & after use
• Know applicable emergency procedures

Through a series of practical initiatives, and continuous vigilance, we have put in place a Safety Culture within our Company which is translated into routines at our workplaces and at our customer sites.